The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel (TV series 2017–)

Did she just call me a  young man ?

Did she just call me a young man?


Note1: Must admit I considered turning my projector off after only fifteen minutes of watching Mrs. Maisel’s (Midge for short) pollyannesque attempts to keep her UWS world as perfect as Elohim intended it to be. But I stayed put. 

Note2: And so glad I did. Watching Midge’s transformation from a nice fake uptown girl to a foul-mouthed stand-up at the Village comedy dive is fascinating enough. But even more fascinating, as well as slightly funnier than Midge’s emerging stand-up routine, are the antics of the 50s Upper West Side Jewish family on the brink of change.

Marin Hinkle is both bedazzling and hilarious as Mrs Weisman, Midge’s long-suffering mother and controller par excellence.


If they hear you, they’ll hunt you, Elimelech!

If they hear you, they’ll hunt you, Elimelech!


Note1: I get it how Midge’s character is supposed to be the centre of attention and all that, but I still think “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel” would be a much better program without her. Her so-called stand-up routine is not, repeat: not funny, only a bit cringeworthy and boring as fuck you wish you never even started.

Note2: I like Mr. Maisel, Midge’s dad, the best. Such a cute little guy. And, of course, Susie, who works at The Gaslight Café and has the very bad misfortune of falling for Midge’s total lack of talent not to mention heart. I especially like the way everyone calls her ‘a young man’, which is exactly what people used to call me all the time in “The Small Town Throwdown.”

I really wish Susie was my friend. I’m so lonely I almost wish I could tweet about it.


Muter! Quit being so jarring!

Muter! Quit being so jarring!