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Author OLGA BOGDAN and a fictional teenage character HELENA FERLAN review, discuss and compare notes on movies & TV shows, and other stuff.

The reviews come out most Mondays, other ongoing projects allowing.

Your slants, angles and general Anschauungs (Olga's current favourite word-flower) are positively encouraged. Okay, maybe not by Helena. But rest assured, she still hasn't worked out how to lay her ethereal fingers on a solid object without going right through. So she won’t be clicking that reply button any time soon.

MARTIN EVERETT:  Worship   @martinpauleverett




There are a few stories that, for whatever reason, have captured my eye and imagination. Some have already achieved cult status, others are quickly gathering a cult following. Some are well-known, others are slightly more obscure. Some have, in various ways, supported my writing; others have no obvious connection with my work. As for the qualifying criteria, it’s simple – every movie or TV show on the list carries on the spark of creative genius, and is fun to watch.

The aim of these notes is not to offer a universal critique, or any technical specs, cast overview, plot summary, etc, but to share the joy with the likeminded folk who value the narrative above all else. The way a story is told: therein the magic lies.



#rebelyell #teenspirit #teenagereviewer #memyselfandi

I am not even sure what I’m doing here, guess Olga thinks it’s cute or something, having an author and “her” main protagonist chatting shit about shit. Like the world needs another pair of critics, or curators (pass the bucket), or whatever. But I am doing it anyway, because:

a)  Being a bit of a cult fictional character myself, I know a good cult when I see it;

b)  This is my opportunity to give voice to other fictional characters. Because I so care about them. And also because I wouldn’t mind getting the Nobel Prize for something already. Which I would decline, obvs, just like Jean-Paul Sartre, although I hate him because he spoilt my life, and

c)  Olga’s already left me for dead once (and for no good reason), so this is a bit of a resurrection for me (by the by, I don’t see that dumb savage IGOR as an older version of me; no way I’d be so stupid as to end up captured by a sex trafficker for starters). Saying that, I could well be a ghost. In which case, bagsy being a Japanese ghost, because they are the scariest not to mention the coolest. In any case, I'd better make myself indispensable before Olga decides to off me for real, and if you've ever watched THE SERVANT (1963), you'll know what I mean. 

Scroll down if you want to see what I look like. Which of course you must be dying to.

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